Cryo & Steam Sauna

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CryoTherapy is best done in multiple sessions so we have put together a first time packages of 5 sessions for $100 to experience the many benefits.
5 CryoSauna Sessions $100
​​ Steam Sauna

15 Minute Session 
​Heats to 160F
​Pain Relief
​Increases Circulation
​Detox/ Weight loss
​Increases Metabolism
​Boosts Immunity​​
Cryo Sauna

​2-3 Minute Session
​Chills to -200F
​Reduces Pain/Inflammation
​Increased Energy
​Metabolism Boost
Boosts Collagen Production
​Injury and Workout Recovery
​Improved Sleep
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Book Now
Steam Session Pricing

First Time Session- $10
Single Session- $20​
Cryo Session Pricing

First Time Session-$25
Single Session- $​45
5 Sessions- $75/Monthly
5 Sessions- $150/Monthly
10 Sessions- $120/Month​ly
Unlimited Sessions ​AutoDraft- $250/ Monthly
Unlimited Sessions- $275/Monthly
Combine Session
5 Cryo & 3 Steam -$190/Monthly
Unlimited Couples Sessions AutoDraft- $350/Monthly
10 Cryo & 6 Steam-$350/Monthly
Unlimited Couples Sessions- $375/Monthly